Vegetation Management Training

Confirming Attendance/Things to bring

Confirm your Attendance, Things to bring to Course

To Confirm your attendance, please email me, your Unique Student Identifier, Your USI will be placed on the "Class Roll" with your name to "Create a Class"


Your USI can be created at the USI website.

As of 1st January 2015 it is a requirement that all students provide a valid Unique Student Identifier (USI) prior to a certificate being issued after any nationally recognised training.

Please email me your details, prior to enrolment day, please ensure that the Given Name, Surname and Date of Birth  exactly match the document that you used when creating your USI number. 

 Please advise which area of NSW you require the course? You can check out training calendar page at this website.

Phone Mal Hall 0438 981 785 to negotiate a new site or to enquire.

Things you bring on Day 1, Enrolment & Theory

Important: Mobile phone, Your Own, specific, email address, Your USI, Boots, Pen.

Mobile phone - Have installed an application that can read QR codes. [If you search in your mobile's App store or Playstore: "QR Code Reader". Various QR code reader applications will appear. I reccomended "QR Code Reader by Scan" you don't have to use that specfic application, just ensure the QR code reader you have installed is functional.]

Boots - with good tread, Steel or Kevlar capped, lace ups give good ankle support.

Note Taking Pad - pen or pencil for taking notes, drivers license for I D purposes.

Things to bring Day 2, Practical

Boots, the Chainsaw you usually use, support tools, gloves, workshop (Cut Resistant) and Gel cushioned to protect against vibration (Riggers Gloves)

An Esky with your lunch packed, water/liquids, kept cold and fresh.

All aspects of training conform to AS2727 Australian Standards Using a chainsaw Safely


Code of Practice "Amenity Tree Industry"

Please feel free to call Mal Hall on 0438 981 785 if you require any information?

Saws and PPE can be provided, Please attend in your own Boots.

Joggers, Sandals, Riding Boots and Thongs. Unacceptable/ Breach AS2727