Vegetation Management Training

Chainsaw Operation What to wear

Chainsaw Operations Clothing to Wear/Personal Protective Equipmet

Clothing to wear if you are attending this course.

STEEL CAPPED SAFETY BOOTS conforming to AS/NZS2210. (With good non slip tread and good ankle support, lace ups give good ankle support) Joggers are unacceptable.

I recommend bull denim jeans or king gee workpants, these will be covered with, CUT RSISTANT TROUSERES OR CHAPS conforming to AS/NZS4453 *Remember cut resistant-NOT CUT PROOF.

SAFETY GLOVES snug fitting and hard wearing, gel coushioning to protect against vibration.

SAFETY HELMAT conforming to (AS/NZS1801), with Hearing Protection, conforming to (AS/NZS1270) and Eye Protection conforming to (AS/NZS 1336 and 1337)

HIGH VISIBILITY VEST OR SHIRT, long sleevd preferred for sun protection.

*The Above mentioned Personal Protective Equipment is recommended by The Australian Standard AS 2727 Chainsaws - Guide for safe wirking practices.

*PPE is at the lower end of the scale of risk control, and will not guarantee safety.

*Proper Risk assessmet, safe work practices and good communication must be followed.